The performing art of moving your body relative to a piece of music or sound in an expressive way is called Dance. Around the world, Dance is an expression of emotions and inner self. These performances are done differently across the globe for example, Dance is done to express the happiness of Independence Day, while sometimes, people often perform dance on weddings and in some cases people dance at funerals to express the inner emotions. In some regions, Dance is a way of thanking God and asking for their fortunes and prosperities.

An individual who perform dance has a certain aesthetic personality and body motions and can be of any age group from a 4 to 5 years of age to an adolescent and that a complete adult. Go here  for more information about children\’s dance classes.

A Dance Studio is a space or area which is designated for the dancers to learn and rehearse their performances. The term studio is used when a space is equipped or built for the purpose. A dance studio normally consist of a smooth and merely soft flooring but in case or tap dance practice, Hardwood Floor is required. In a Dance studio Melbourne, the smooth vinyl floor covering which is famously known as performance surface is called Marley. This is generally not fixed and can be rolled and transported to the designated place. Sometimes, the floor is made of Sprung which provides a physically flexible floor to absorb the impact of intensive dance exercise like jumping or rowing. These practices are consider essential and necessary to promote good health.

A good music studio needs some equipment in the designated area which include “Barre” which can be either fixed to a wall or can be a moveable standalone device which is approximately waist heighted and that can be used as a support. As dance cannot be done without sequential sounds or music, almost all the dance studios have a Sound system for playing music or CD\’s and sometimes these are Bluetooth enabled and these systems are provided with a Remote Control for the assistance of the trainer or instructor to repeat, pause or pass the musical passages as required. Commonly a Piano is also used in dance studios for Ballet and tap dance practices especially in a professional dance studio. Normally, one of the wall in purpose-built dance studio is covered by mirror from floor to ceiling, which helps the dancers to see their alignments and body positions.
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