From medical point of view, there is no medicine specifically designed for this brain disease neither there are any kind of surgeries which could be performed to such people to improve them. There are only exercises, several activities, therapies which could help these people to learn and improve in their life. Due to this reason, many people have opened dyslexia school where students suffering from this disease are given such activities which are designed especially to cure such people. These practices are very much easy for the normal person but these prove to be very effective for dyslexia. Parents could perform these even at home for their child.

The common problems that these patients face is the difficulty to distinguish between various sounds and then to reproduce them. In order to improve this, you can practice with them the syllable practice, in which a single character is segmented in to its respective syllable and then these syllable combines to make the word. The instructor could ask the child to repeat every syllable in the word after him and at the same time count the syllable in the word. This exercise at the same time targets three things, the speaking ability of the child, the ability to understand the sound when someone is speaking it and the counting procedure as well.

For a normal person, this phonic practice and syllable may be waste of time and many students or people do not even need this. However for dyslectic people it is quite necessary. When the dyslectic student has gone comfortable with the sound of the each syllable and he is able to identify the syllable in each word then the next step is to learn the missing syllable. In this practice the instructors asks the child to remove any syllable from the word and then re pronounce it. Through this practice the child learns that how different words can be created and how they will sound. Through this Davis dyslexia facilitators he will be able to easily learn the new characters and will feel confident in pronouncing these too. The final step in this syllable practice then be to replace the existing syllable in the current word with the new syllable and them make the word.

There are number of mobile applications now a day which are designed especially for such students. These provide students with reading and writing helps and these are designed in such a way that these are similar to the game so child does not get bore from it.

Apart from this singing is another very effective practice for such students. The child is encouraged to rhyme the poem or any song that he likes through which his continuity of words improve.